Why is it “Santiagos’s Dream” ?

| January 16, 2010 | 11 Comments
Everyone needs to dream, everyone has a dream. This is how I always understood ‘The Alchemist.’
How Santiago manages to dissolve doubts and worries, convert the lead of his soul into gold and succeed ultimately – especially in times when he was lacking to see clearly where he was going – I find admirable!
Are we not all like Santiago? How often do we dream about or imagine something, contemplate it, maybe even for days, just to forget about it because it’s too hard, there seem to be too many obstacles, it’s so comfortable on the sofa or there is sudden opposition from people close to us with whom we shared the idea too early … and so on. Who doesn’t know this?
Santiago’s dream was to find the treasure he dreamt of. He always knew that there is a treasure and despite all obstacles, he went for it. Paulo’s dream was to be a writer. And despite the many obstacles that showed up, he is a writer today. He always knew he is a writer and at one point he started pursuing it.
I’m positive, Paulo and Santiago faced the same thoughts, fears, doubts and all of that – like everybody else.
They heard their call to adventure and responded. Maybe not immediately and maybe only after refusing to and with some supernatural aid to overcome all obstacles. Ultimately, they embraced their dream and followed the classical steps of what Joseph Campbell called “The Hero’s Journey” to live a life in mastery and freedom.
Like Santiago, like Paulo, like all us Warriors of the Light, I have known my dream for a very long time. I have seen it from all sides, touched it, tasted it, thought about it from every possible angle. And now, like Santiago I am going to pursue it. No more waiting, no excuses. I don’t think this should be seen as something special. It’s open to each and everyone of us.

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  • Dances With Crayons

    I am cheering for you!! What spirit! Yes, a Santiago and Fatima in all of us. Life is for living – for all of us : )

    Just going to read Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’.

    Lots of Love,
    Dances With Crayons

  • http://Twitter.com/MonseJesus elizabeth

    Hello! its me again,this whole thing have me sleepless. Just thinking about you and thinking about where i did lost my dream because i cant remember what it is. Maybe I forgot it because as you said we shared it to early with someone that told us it is just impossible and i cant believe i lost my dream. Since i knew about Paulo’s quest i been thinking and rethinking what was the thing that used to keep me moving. Im not giving up anyways i hope i can remember what was my dream.

    By the way im not spaming you or something, just wanted to let everything out.
    and again i wish you the best , and never never give up.

  • Kirsten J

    This journey is so inspiring! I am really looking forward to Reading how you approach it and what you discover along the way. Keep us updated – I’ll definitely be tuning in!
    I hope you find what you’re looking for and much more.

  • Ulla

    As I said: I’m bond to read this. The first proof: After having worked and only worked for a long time, I realized that I have forgotten about my dreams. And this is one of the worst things that can happen. I’m glad I woke up recently, but it’s like waking up from a nightmare – makes you feel empty and angry, bubt hopeful and clear.
    Take care.

  • Keith

    Yes, we should all try to be like Santiago in The Alchemist, conquer our fears and follow our dreams.

  • Marijne

    The first time I read what you’re planning to do I was so touched, tears came to my eyes. Just to know there are other people following their dreams gives me such hope, it’s heartwarming. I have been following the voice of my heart since I was 17 and it brought danger, light, depth and Faith on my path. And loneliness, because there seem to be so few of us.
    Some people said to me: “That must be nice, to only do what you want to do.” They confused desires with my heart’s wish. It did not make me do what I wanted to do, it made me do what I feared most, to get where I wanted most to be. I’m still on that road.
    What you write warms my heart. I am so happy to see there’s others pursuing their dream, living it, risking everything for it, because without risks, it’s a safe dream and maybe not a dream at all.
    Oh, you’re going to have an amazing journey within.
    I will follow your stories and be rejuvenated by your enthusiasm.

    Best of luck and courage!

  • Vardha Khalil

    I am very pleased to read what you wrote, First of all I want to congratulate Paulo, because he not only fulfilled his dream but he also has become inspiration for hundreds and thousands. For me writer is not that who achieved the title of “best seller” for his book, but that who’s words become the words of thousands, and the reader transform them selves in the characters of his Story.
    Secondly I wanted to congratulate you for starting your journey to your dream, wish you very best of luck.
    Here I wanted to share a very short story with you. It is the story of Tariq Bin Ziyad a Muslim Commander.
    After landing on the coastal strip overlooking the rock which was later named as ‘Jabal-ul-Tariq’ (Gibraltar), its conqueror Tariq Bin Zayid, ordered the burning of the ships that had brought his Muslim troops from Africa in 711 A.D.
    Why are you doing this. Sir?’ cried the astonished soldiers.
    How will we return? Enquired some.
    Tariq remained unmoved by these appeals.
    He said: ‘We have not come her to return. Either we shall conquer and establish ourselves here or we will perish.’
    I am happy that I started to follow my dream after burning my boats.
    God bless you
    Vardha Khalil

  • cristina

    Hi,I know you cannot have ime to read all that people are writting.I just feel I have to write something.First of all mayGod keep you in the Light!Your wife must be your soulmate to let you go on such journey,I admire her and send her strenght and hope,best thoughts I can give from my heart and mind.I am amaized to see that the GOOD ANCIENT SPIRIT OF SEEKING THE WAY is still in our world.I think it was allways there from the Begining.I feel that THE WHOLE WORLD IS CHANGING .WE WERE CRAVING FOR A CHANGE ,WE NEED TO STEP IN THE LIGHT.Hope you’ll find what you have to find and I wish you and your family the best!God Bless!

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  • http://www.lensverse.com Juan Santiago

    Ok. It’s taken a while, but here I am. Just last night I downloaded The Alchemist to my Kindle. Haven’t started reading yet, but I just read this post and will undoubtedly keep reading the rest of your blog. There’s something kind of serendipitous about all this, considering my last name and that I’m half Andalusian. I’ll do my best to walk the walk, and see where that takes me. Will be keeping in touch.