Puerto Rico, there IS a chance, get going!

| September 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Living the Puerto Rican difference…

Many times have I asked myself what is the big difference, why PR doesn’t advance more with all the help it has been getting over the years. And my conclusion I found on the soccer field, playing with children…

While growing up, I have spent the majority of my spare time on German soccer fields; I have played every day, no matter if it rained, snowed or was sunny. The memories make up a personality.

So the other day, I went to play soccer with my 5-year-old in Puerto Rico and we were soon joined by other kids. I was the only adult, but that’s a different topic.

The traits I noticed in the kids were: talking all the time loudly, avoiding to run when possible, constantly trying to make tricks & gestures like the soccer stars but obviously not knowing basics and above all, complaining that the ball wasn’t delivered to them but that they had to fight for it and that every shot I made was “too strong” (“abusadooor”)… in short, everything that inhibits PR from making it, was already visible in those children. And in total, very different from any German soccer field, but that’s also not the point.
Not representative, I know, and I’m not at all judging those kids, BUT: much blabla, little action, no extra mile, lots of show, no basics, no discipline… any parallels to the Puerto Rico of today?

There was a glimpse of hope, though. After a while of all of the above (and yes, we all had fun!) they noticed there’s something to learn and we ended up playing almost two hours and they tried harder and harder… Aside from wanting to say “Hey parents, go play more often with your kids”, what can the adult learn from it? No fault in playing hardball, stop tricking and complaining and hustle instead, fight for every ball, let’s do this!

There is a chance!

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